In connection to our mission IUM training serves to inform, equip and empower Christian workers to develop a transformative ministry in contexts of suffering and transition in our cities.


The following are in collaboration with the CENTRE FOR CONTEXTUAL MINISTRY

Building Sustainable Urban Community Organisations (P002943)

Purpose of the course: This course is designed to equip emerging leaders of community and non-profit organisations to build sustainable community organisations. 

Who may attend: Leaders and managers in community and non-profit organisations, who have a Grade 12 qualification

Introduction to Urban Ministry (P003624)

Purpose of the course: This course is introducing urban practitioners (community workers, pastors, lay ministers) to the challenges of urban ministry, providing them with an introduction to the city, the challenges of ministry in the city, a method for doing theology in the city, and innovative urban ministry models.

Who may attend: Urban community workers, pastors, lay ministers, and urban residents, having Grade 10, and involved in an urban ministry project

Starting and Sustaining Community Projects (P002945)

Purpose of the course: This course is enabling community workers, and community and church Leaders, to start community projects that are sustainable, to understand basic elements of project development and project management, and to develop a basic action plan for their projects.  

Who may attend: The general public, but particularly community workers, community and church leaders, having Grade 10 and involved in community projects


In the next few years, IUM intends to refine our training offerings by:

  • Strengthening, consolidating, documenting, and revising our training materials
  • Pursuing accreditation opportunities so courses can be taken for credit at various institutions of higher education
  • Developing a fee / finance structure
  • Providing online training resources or opportunities
  • Launching a new internship through the Institute for Urban Ministry
  • Focusing training efforts with partners in townships
  • Journeying intentionally with IUM alumni through mentorship opportunities and check-ins

For more information on training, please contact our Formation Coordinator, Selena Headley: selena [at]