IUM cultivates an informal network of the academy, practitioners, students, activists, colleagues and friends with a commitment to Christ, seeking an incarnational footprint in African cities through theological formation. It engages African cities as sites for contextualised theological reflection and action by unearthing latent knowledge and potentials through training, networking and research for advancing the shalom of the city. Grounded on a methodology of pastoral praxis, IUM seeks to inform, equip, and empower Christian workers to develop a transformative ministry in contexts of suffering and transition in our cities. We seek to partner with all those filled with a zeal for re-imagining the city as a commons, as an oikos (household) of God’s people. Through our partnerships we hope to:

  • Advance flourishing African cities rooted in God’s presence;
  • Equip the heart (discernment); head (reflection) and hands (action) of the urban church in African cities who seek the spiritual and social renewal of the city; and
  • Engage the city using the urban praxis cycle to imagine and foster towards re-inventing the city as God’s household (oikos).


Committed to love the city and draw from God’s abundance in the city, the hosting of the Biennial Consultation on Urban Ministry embodies partnership. The Consultation is led by the Institute for Urban Ministry and collectively hosted by:


In the next few years, IUM intends to deepen our partnerships by:

  • Expanding our partnerships with churches by expanding and deepening our ecumenical involvements and commitments
  • Becoming a resource bank (web-based, open source, with toolkits and an online library for knowledge sharing)
  • Encouraging knowledge sharing among our partners
  • Revamping our training offerings with our partners
  • Working toward accreditation and connection with the Association of Christian Religious Practitioners

For more information on partnerships, please contact our Partnerships Coordinator, Jude Nnorom: jude [at]

For more information on the Consultation, please contact our Operations Manager, Jennifer Lee: jennifer [at]