An Invitation to Anchor Partnership

The registration deadline for anchor partners (hosts / conveners) has passed. If you still wish to be an anchor partner, please first contact Jennifer (jennifer [at] instituteforurbanministry [dot] org) for more information. Thank you!

Since 1996, the Institute for Urban Ministry has convened a Biennial Consultation in Tshwane, South Africa, that places at its centre, the most vulnerable, and African urban realities. This theological and urban conversation in 2020 will be the 13th Biennial Consultation on Urban Ministry. Due to the many adaptations that we have all needed to make in 2020, we are excited about a new format for the Consultation which combines small local gatherings in South Africa, the rest of the African continent, and the world, with virtual connections to each other. We are hopeful for how this adjustment invites the inclusion of even more local and international partners.


The success of the Consultation has always been as a result of our rich partnerships and relational connections. We invite you to be an anchor partner in your city, offering what you have the capacity for, towards convening the conversation locally and then joining with others virtually. As you prayerfully consider your participation level, please listen for alignment with the theme (“Do we see her?”) and 3-day flow and consider your capacity to take part and fulfil responsibilities to help make this happen in your context.


Being an anchor partner would involve acting as a convener of a small gathering of 6-12 representatives from different churches, organisations, or other local entities that you would invite to join in a structured conversation around the theme. The convener’s basic responsibilities would include tasks such as: 

  • Offer a venue that can adhere to necessary health and safety guidelines in your city
  • Ensure there are basic materials (such as large sheets of paper and writing implements)
  • Facilitate a guided conversation (we will provide a facilitator’s guide!)
  • Establish an internet connection (for example, via Zoom) between your local gathering and others.


To register yourself as an anchor partner with the Consultation, please fill in this Google form by 18th July 2020. (NB: This is the same form as the one linked on the main consultation info page and the registration page.) Please note that there are two parts to the form: (1) the first section registers all your details with the Consultation organising team and will register you as a participant, and (2) the second section registers you as an anchor partner. Should you have any questions or troubles with the form, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Once you have registered:

  • We will discuss the specific details of support you can offer or that we can offer you to participate in the Consultation as an anchor partner.
  • You will receive a packet of resources and a facilitation guide for your local gathering.
  • We will offer an opportunity to connect with other anchor partners to form a learning community as you prepare to facilitate your local gathering (this will include training on facilitation if needed!).
  • We will help to link you with others (participants or anchor partners) who register from your city.

We look forward to how God will build a community of people who promote life, live justice and seek peace for flourishing African cities.